Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/14 Progression run

Heh. This was kind of a reverse progression run, actually. Oops...

15-20 min warm up (9:00),
20 min progression run (6:45),
15 min warm down

Did a 10 minute warmup at 9/mile, then kicked it up to a 7 minute mile. This was as fast as I did the intervals TWO DAYS AGO, so obviously I couldn't hold it for long. Did 3 minutes, then backed it off to 7:30 and kept it there for 7 minutes, until 20:00 on the clock. Feeling fatigued, so dropped back again, this time to 8:00 miles. Did ten minutes there, then cooled down at 9 minute miles for ten minutes. So:

10 minute warm up (9:00)
3 min @ 7:00
7 min @ 7:30
10 min @ 8:00
10 min cool down (9:00)

So apparently I was confused about what a "progression run" is. I thought it referred to progressing with longer speedwork every week to work your way up. A quick google this morning tells me that it really refers to starting with a slow run and progressing to faster speeds throughout the workout. Guess I'll do it a little differently next time...

That website I linked to above, by the way, has a GREAT running calculator. Made me feel a little better about where my current times are, compared to what this training program is asking for...

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SnowLeopard said...

Holy Cow! I just calculated my my half marathon time, and dude! I do feel a lot better about my time (especially since I had to partially walk up those two hills!) That is a cool website. Thanks for sharing this one- I'll becoming back to it~