Thursday, February 21, 2008

2/21 Hills

Kinda wimped out on the hill workout this morning. Ran the 30 minutes at 8:15 pace just fine, but couldn't figure out the incline on the treadmill very well. Just too weird. I should do the Hill days outside anyway. Hope the weather gets nicer...

30-35 min run (8:15), Finish with 6 x 30 sec uphill sprints (mile pace effort), easy jog down for recovery

So I ran the 30 minutes, then backed off to a 10 minute mile to figure out the treadmill's incline function. I ramped it up to the max, 15 percent incline, then sped up to about 6:15 pace and did 30 seconds there. Almost fell off; had to grab the bar near the end to stay on. Did a slow jog for about 90 seconds and dialed the incline back to 10 percent, and ran another 30 seconds at 6:15 pace. Started to feel a little queasy from the effort, so I did a couple minutes of jogging while lowering the treadmill back to flat. Have to take it easier or run outside for my next Hill day...

30-35 min run (8:15)
1 x 30 sec sprint at 15 percent grade and 6:15 pace,
1 x 30 sec sprint at 10 percent grade and 6:15 pace,
1:30 easy jogs in between and cooldown
4.2 miles in 3 minutes

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SnowLeopard said...

Wait, what? 4.2 miles in 3 minutes? You mean 30 minutes? Got a funny image of you almost shooting off the back of the treadmill. Hee hee! That must be a really nice treadmill at your gym- mine only goes up to 10% grade, but I've never used it past 4, I don't think. And my sprints I do flat at 10 mph for half a lap (about 30-40 seconds.