Thursday, February 28, 2008

2/28 Progression run

Nice, hard workout this morning. Tweaked my training program a little bit, but I think it suits me better. Now I have some workouts that are tough but not impossible.

15-20 min warm up (9:00),
25 min progression run (6:45),
15 min warm down

After the last progression run that I did, I did a little bit of reading online and found out what a progression run was actually supposed to be. Usually, they are divided into sections, starting slower and finishing faster. So today, I decided to do my warm up, then try for fifteen minutes at 7:30 pace, then ten minutes at 7:00 pace, then cool down. That's exactly what I did! It was hard, and I had a little blip for about 20 seconds when my shoe came untied six minutes into the fastest section, but it felt great.

15 min warm up @ 9:15 pace
15 min @ 7:30 pace
10 min @ 7:00 pace
10 min cool down @ 9:15 pace
6.1 miles in 50 minutes

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SnowLeopard said...

Isn't treadmill running great? It's just SO nice to be able to track every mile and calorie and the exact speeds you want to be running at. Of course outside is wonderful too, with the fresh air part... :)