Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Current goal

I started a 12 week half marathon training program yesterday, with the goal of breaking my PR in the Marathon de Mayo half marathon, which I've run for the past two years. Turns out they're not doing it this year, but there is another half being run that day here in town: the Reno's Rock-n-River Half Marathon. Same starting place, downtown under the arch, but this one will go west along the river and then back. (Can't wait to see a map of the course, they don't have one up yet.) Anyway, this training program was out of a recent issue of Outside Magazine (Oh! Apparently it's online now.) and seems to be geared to someone starting out a little speedier than me. I took the couple weeks leading up to starting it to try to "train up" to the training program, but am still a little bit away. I'm going to try to post about each workout, and maybe post about what I'm thinking about on my rest days, too. Anyway, that's where I'm heading...

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