Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tracking and mapping

I've been using to track my training for almost a year now, and really like their site. Their interface for mapping a running route is nice and intuitive, and you can save them as private (most of mine, because I tend to run right from my front door) or share them publicly. Their training tracker lets you input running, biking, hiking, other activities like skiing or soccer or whatever, and tracks your mileage, calories burned, and all sorts of stuff. My only complaint with the training calendar is that it puts up a little weightlifter (the "gym" icon) up instead of a runner when I do a treadmill run, so it looks like I'm just at the gym every day. Picky, picky.

Here's a route I ran last Sunday, to boost mileage a little for this training program.

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SnowLeopard said...

Hey- this map is pretty cool! You can move it around, even in your blog. You are doing such an awesome job with your running (and working out). I'm glad you've created this- it's a great way to keep track (and motivated) of how much you're improving. Much better way to do it anyway then how I do it on paper... :) Maybe I'll get some ideas from this too! Good job, Turi. :O)