Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18 Intervals

Got a little cocky this morning and tried to hit the times on the training program right on. I think it was a little too soon after the weekend race, and I died in the middle of the workout.

15 min warm up (9:00)
2 x 10 min intervals (6:30) and 1 x 5 min interval with 4 min easy jogs (10:00) in between, 15 min warm down

Did my warm up nice and easy, then set up for a 10 minute session at 6:30. I made it, but just barely. Took 4 minutes at 10:00 pace, then started the next interval slower, at 6:45 pace. Almost didn't make it to the five minute mark that time. Slowed down and did an 11 minute cool down at 9:15. Disappointing, but my fault. Just went out too fast.

15 min warm up (9:15)
1 x 10 min intervals (6:30) and 1 x 5 min interval (6:45)with 4 min easy jogs (10:00) in between, 11 min warm down (9:15)
4.92 miles in 40 minutes

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SnowLeopard said...

Dude. That's still really fast. I think I might try a similar workout on my treadmill tomorrow morning, but with different times of course.