Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/25 Intervals

After I finished my last interval and started my cooldown this morning, I looked down at the readout on the treadmill. It was at 6.2 miles, and 47 minutes. That's almost exactly my current 10k PR. (2007 Sparks Turkey Trot) Granted, that's not an outstanding time; I wasn't training specifically for it or anything. But it's funny that I could hit that during an interval workout now.

15 min warm up (9:00)
3 x 8 min intervals (6:30) with 3 min easy jogs (10:00) in between,
15 min warm down

I really wanted to hit the times on the intervals today; I've been struggling to get my interval times down to 6:30. I warmed up a little faster than I meant to, though, and I think that affected my faster times. I made it through my first interval at 6:30, but had to back off to 6:45 on the next two. Still, a pretty solid workout...

15 min warm up (8:15)
1 x 8 min intervals (6:30) & 2 x 8 min intervals (6:45)
with 3 min easy jogs (10:00) in between,
11 min warm down (8:15)
7.17 miles in 55 minutes

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SnowLeopard said...

That's awesome that you hit your PR this morning! Including your 3 easy jogs in the middle? You're going to blast through your half marathon in May for sure. :) I was looking at that Run Amuck race you want to do the next weekend That definitely looks interesting, and if I knew I could get that day off, I'd do it with you. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I won't since I'm taking the Sat. off before that for the Reno Half Marathon the Saturday before that...