Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/30 Easy run

Sure glad I did my long run yesterday; I would NOT have been motivated to do anything more than an easy run today. As it turned out, te easy run was kinda tough, too...

30-35 min run, finish with 6 x 20 sec strides
(mile pace) with 1 min rests in between

WINDY day. I decided to do part of one of my regular routes backwards, just for fun:

It seemed a really nice day until I got near the McCarran part of the run, then it was uphill into a SERIOUS wind. Barely hd to breathe; the wind blew air right into my lungs. Turned downhill onto Keystone, and it was beautiful again, but that windy section sure slowed me down. I decided not to do the speedwork because the hill and wind took so much out of me.

4.13 miles in 36 minutes

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