Thursday, March 6, 2008

3/6 Hills

Man, doing the hill workouts on the treadmill is weird. Got it figured out well enough this morning to complete it, but still feels funny.

30-35 min run (8:15)
Finish with 6 x 45 sec uphill sprint (mile pace effort),
easy jog down for recovery

After the half an hour run, I slowed the treadmill, upped the incline to "5" (grade? Not sure exactly what that refers to) and waited until the next whole minute to start the intervals. Did them all at about 6:45 pace, and slowed to 12:00 pace in between for recovery. Didn't lower the incline in between; for such short intervals it wouldn't have been worth it. Wow, that little up grade made a huge difference! Finished with about 8 minutes at 9:00 pace to cool off.

30 minutes @ 8:15 pace
6 x 45 sec uphill sprints at 6:45 pace with 1 minute at 12:00 pace in between;
8 minute cool down at 9:00 pace.
5.48 miles in 50 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

5 grade refers to the % of uphill climb versus the distance covered. A hundred foot climb over a mile would be 2.0 on the tread, whereas 5.0 would be 260 feet! To put it in perspective, the "hill from hell" before mile 20 of the Tahoe Marathon is 6-7% (and @7,000 ft. elevation, but who's counting). 5% is great for your half, since there won't be any big climbs, just a steady incline, probably 1-3% for most of it.
Good job,