Thursday, March 20, 2008

5k Shave

As an addendum to my recent 5k race, I was reminded by a post over at Half Fast (which is consistently one of the funniest running related blogs I read; keep it up...) of a little contest he's putting on called the Shave Your 5k Challenge. Basically, you submit a 5k time from the beginning of the year (your "stubble" time) and then another at the end of the year (your "smooth" time.) Whoever "shaves" the most wins. I probably don't have much of a chance, since I ran fairly well on my recent 5k, and it was a slightly short course as well. But at least it'll motivate me to try to run a fast 5k at the end of the year, which is traditionally my lazy, hard to get motivated time. I'd imagine that's part of the point...

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