Friday, March 21, 2008

Cross training

I remembered today why I'm no longer a mountain biker.

Had a few hours free this morning, and decided to go for a ride, since it's a rest day on my running program. Pulled my bike down from its hanging roost in the garage and was pleasantly surprised to find that neither tire went flat over the winter. Both needed a little top off of air, though. The first presta valve that I unscrewed came off in my fingers, and the tire was flat within 2 seconds. Nice. So, replaced that tube, lubed the chain real quick, and was ready to go. Everything went fine, felt great until about 2/3 of the way through my ride, when the OTHER tire pinch flatted on me. My patches looked old, and there were a couple of holes, so I used my last extra tube on that wheel and rode gingerly the rest of the way. I mean, really. In running you generally don't get the mechanical failures like that. Of course, you don't get to coast, either...

Felt really good to be doing something other that running, though. I felt really fit; aerobically very good. The running muscles cross over with the biking muscles just enough that I did pretty well there, but could feel myself using the edges of them that don't normally get worked out. That's what cross training's for, I guess.

Here's my route:

And a picture up near the top. Nice day!

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SnowLeopard said...

11.5 hilly miles- not bad not having ridden your bike since last year. I'd be huffin' and puffin' for sure! Nice panorama too... Beautiful Peavine!