Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4/1 Intervals

Didn't quite make the numbers this morning. Actually stayed home sick yesterday, but as feeling well enough to give it a shot this morning. Didn't have the energy to make it all the way, though...

15 min warm up (9:00)
4 x 6 min intervals (6:30) with 2 min easy jogs (10:00) in between,
15 min warm down

I was tiring halfway into my first interval, but gritted out another one at 6:30. Did the third at 6:45 pace, but couldn't make myself do another. Better to quit than to overdo it and hurt myself.

15 min warm up (9:15)
2 x 6 min intervals (6:30)
1 x 6 min interval (6:45)
with 2 min easy jogs (10:00) in between,
13 min warm down
5.6 miles in 45 minutes

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