Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/10 Progression run

Ouch. Ran out of steam this morning, and I'm a little sore now. Then kids didn't sleep very well and I hardly got any sleep. Not in the best of moods.

15-20 min warm up (9:00),
30 min progression run (6:45),
15 min warm down

Warmed up for 15, then started in on 15 minutes at 7:00 pace, thinking I would then do another 15 at 6:45. Seriously started to tire after the first fast part, and could only make it for five minutes of the fastest section. Actuall, I'll bet I could have pushed it a bit harder, maybe even out to the whole 15 minutes, but my mental fortitude just wasn't there. Kinda feel bad about that...

15 minutes @ 9:00 pace
15 minutes @ 7:00 pace
5 minutes @ 6:45 pace
10 minutes @ 9:00 pace
5.64 miles in 45 minutes

1 comment:

SnowLeopard said...

Still, 45 minutes of progressive running is a good workout... Sorry you didn't get much sleep! What else are kids good for besides robbing us of precious sleep? Sounds like my night with Ashton hacking his lungs out (but at least he didn't puke!). :)