Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/13 Long run

I did a run this morning that I've done a couple of times before, just for comparison sake. Despite the fact that I wasn't feeling 100% this morning, I still showed some improvement in a couple of areas.

65-70 minute run (8:15),
10 x 1 minute intervals at 5k pace with 1 minute jogs in between,
10 minute cool down

I did the first 7 miles, to 7th and McCarran, in 57:15, 2:45 faster than I had before. That's about 20 seconds per mile faster (not that I was trying to push it on a long run...) The big difference, though, was on the 10 x 1 minute intervals that I run from McCarran down to Keystone on 4th street. Earlier in the training, I did all 10 intervals in that space, but today I could only get 8 intervals in before I ran out of room in front of the Taco Bell. That means I was covering more distance on the fast sections - a lot more, apparently. Cool.

7 miles in 57:15
8 x 1 intervals, fast, with 1 minute jogs in between
10 minute cool down.
9.78 miles in 1:20:00

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SnowLeopard said...

Cool for you- that's a lot of time off! I'm glad you're feeling better... :)