Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/17 Hills

Walking into the gym this morning, there was an owl sitting just over the door. I stopped and made some clicky noises at him, he did that owly head-swivelly thing at me, and just sat there. Don't know if that was a good omen or not, but it was kinda cool.

Haven't been feeling so hot lately; hope I'm not catching my daughter's cold. Toying with going to the doctor today..

30-35 minute run (8:15),
finish with 6 x 30 second uphill sprints (mile pace effort),
easy jog down for recovery.

30 minutes @ 8:15
6 x 30 second uphill (5%) sprints (6:00 pace) with 30 second jogs in between
4 minutes @ 9:15 pace to cool down

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