Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/19 Half marathon simulation

Got to run most of the Half marathon course today; only some of it at race pace. It was nice to see where it went, though, and get a feel for the route. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so hot, and had to push it pretty hard to even get near the times I wanted.

My friend Chris met me at my house (he ran down from his house, about 10 miles away) and we started out. We met up with the marathon route at mile 1, which is at the Booth Street bridge over the Truckee, about 1.3 miles from my house.

On the way out, we took it easy, in the 9 min/mile range. It's been awhile since I've run with someone, and had to get used to talking and running again. Had a nice easy run, mostly on trails and streets I knew but finding a few places I hadn't been. Turned around out by the Patagonia warehouse, and started to speed up when we got back to Dorokstar Park. We were supposed to be doing 6:50 miles, but there was a headwind, and Chris pretty much dropped me at that point. I had no energy to push harder, and barely kept up 7:10 pace most of the way back. We did push for a 6:45 quarter mile at one point in Idlewild Park, but after that, I barely made it back home. Tough run.

6 miles easy (8:15)
6 miles at goal pace (6:50)
1-2 miles easy

about 9 miles @ 9:00 pace
4 miles at about 7:10-20 pace
1 mile easy back home.

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SnowLeopard said...

Holy crap, I am SO not ready for that run yet. How was the course (aside from the headwind, your body already run down from fighting something off, and almost getting lost)- will it be pretty easy to navigate if it's marked? I'm really good at getting lost...

2 weeks left~ GULP!