Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/20 Easy run

Hard to get motivated to run today, after the tough time I had yesterday, but I got myself out there eventually.

35-40 minute easy run

Funny, I have a 25-30 minute loop and a 45-50 minute loop, but no standard run that takes me this long. I ended up adding a leg onto one of my regular runs:

So, a fairly flat first mile; then a good mile and a half hill up by Rancho San Rafael and up Ives to the top of Keystone; then mile of flat along McCarran with a HUGE headwind, then another mile downhill on King's Row back home. Surprisingly, I felt pretty strong the whole time, even fighting the headwind.

38 minutes at 8:15 pace
4.6 miles in 38 minutes

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SnowLeopard said...

Sounds like a good workout to me, even if you weren't feeling 100%~ :)