Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/27 Easy run

I decided to do my easy run down by the river, where the race is going to be next weekend. The more time I spend on the course, the more comfortable I'll be with it, I figure. The plan was to do a 60-70 minute easy run, so I figured I'd run for about 35 minutes, then turn around and try to go just a little faster on the way back in. That would give me the feel of pushing it a little on that part of the course; also, it's downhill and generally downwind on the way back.

60-70 minute easy run (8:15 pace)

Felt pretty good heading out, a little chilly still (5:30 am, sun just coming up) with a light headwind. Kept it to 8:15 pace on the way out. I turned around near the beginning of Dorokstar Park, at 34 minutes - there was a guy walking a big, kinda scary dog that I didn't want to pass, then turn around 30 seconds later and pass again. Immediately, the temperature went up 10 degrees - wind at my back, running into the rising sun. Very nice. Wasn't sure how fast I was going, but held a comfortable pace all the way back in. Turned out I averaged 7:15 miles on the way back in, 29 minutes. Probably faster than I should have gone on my easy run, but it made me feel better about the course.

4 miles in 34 minutes (8:15 pace)
4 miles in 29 minutes (7:15 pace)
total: 8 miles in 1:03 (7:52 pace)

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