Saturday, April 5, 2008

4/5 Half marathon simulation

Treadmill problems again this morning, threw me off a little. Dang things.

6 miles easy (8:15)
7 miles at goal race pace (7:00)
1-2 miles easy

So I did my first six miles pretty easily, reset the treadmill so it wouldn't time out at one hour, then started back up at race pace. At right about 3.1 miles, I was looking up, watching Sportscenter, when the treadmill stopped dead. "ER27", the display said. Almost threw me off of the front of the machine. I couldn't get it reset, So I hopped over to the next machine and started it up. It was one of those that gets jerky at anything faster than an 8:00 mile, and I almost fell off because of that. Jumped down to the next machine again, and this one seemed to work. At this point, though, I was pissed, and my rhythm was all thrown off. I did another mile at race pace on that machine, but I was really tiring quickly, and pouring sweat. Bumped it down to 8:15 pace and did 2 cool down miles. Kind of disappointed that I didn't make the whole workout, but I'm pretty blown now.

6 miles at 8:15 pace (49:39)
4 (point something) at 6:49 pace (27:16?)
2 miles at 8:15 pace (16:30)
12 miles in 1:3:25

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