Tuesday, April 8, 2008

4/8 Intervals

Woo hoo! Hit all my goal times this morning! Had to push a bit during the last two intervals to get it done. but sometimes that makes it feel better, even.

15 min warm up (9:00)
5 x 5 min intervals (6:30) with 1:45 min easy jogs (10:00) in between,
15 min warm down

The only things I changed were the amount of recovery time between intervals, from 1:30 to 2 minutes, mostly for ease of timekeeping. I was also glad for that extra thirty seconds, though. Also, I didn't take quite as long a cool down as recommended, but there was a GOOD reason for that. CBS was showing some recap of the college basketball championship, and it would repeat every fifteen minutes, with the same commercials and captioning mistakes and everything. It was boring me to death, so I got out of there...

15 min warm up (9:00)
5 x 5 min intervals (6:30) with 2:00 min easy jogs (10:00) in between,
7 min warm down
7.07 miles in 55 minutes


SnowLeopard said...

Yea! Thats awesom you made your gools this morneing. :) You crak me up, haveing to cut short your warm up becase 0f gramitikal erors and basktbal. That disrvs anoter smily fac. ;o) Ha ha!

Turi Becker said...

That hurts my brain. You're evil...