Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Garmin Forerunner 405 - First thoughts

I took the plunge and bought myself a running watch. Not just any running watch, either, but the newest, best thing in running watches. The Garmin Forerunner 405 is the latest in their line, and the first to actually look like a watch. (Previous models either looked like a cellphone strapped to your wrist or, I don't know, a jewelry box or something...) The 405 is a totally bearable size for a watch; it's not much bigger than my previous running watch, which barely even has a lap function...

Anyway, unboxed it and got it charging yesterday, and read the manual (which was much smaller than I had expected...) It charged pretty quickly, and I started playing around with it. It's got a "first startup" tutorial function that leads you through the operation of the touch bezel and buttons - pretty easy. Then I took it outside and let it acquire satellites - took about 5 minutes, then the time was set and it was ready to go. From there, I just explored the menus until I was pretty comfortable with where stuff was.

Next step was to download the software and set up the wireless downloading function, via the ANT Stick dongle thing. That, too was pretty easy - although there was one step that the Garmin website showed that didn't come up for me. But it all connected, I got it synched to Garmin Connect and installed the Garmin Training Center. Going to be playing around with that a lot in the next week, I'm sure. So now, I just set the watch by my laptop, and the ANT Stick recognizes it, downloads and clears the data, and sends it to the Garmin Connect website. Cool.

Although I'm itching to take it out for a run, I had a gym workout this morning. I did buy the Footpod to go with it so I can track my treadmill runs as well, but didn't get that all calibrated last night. So, I'll try to take it out tomorrow morning for a half hour easy run, then a couple more times before my race on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be able to learn it fairly well, to use the pacing and "Virtual Training Partner" functions before then..


Anonymous said...

Ain't gear grand?

SnowLeopard said...

Very, very cool. You're at the tippy top of coolness, with your new running watch and Footpod. You'll have to show it off to me on Sunday... I promise to be impressed. :)