Saturday, May 31, 2008

Foiled route

Skipped my Wednesday easy run two weeks in a row now - gotta get back on the motivation track. Had to put my Thursday tempo run off until Friday morning, then forgot to bring the Garmin along to track it. Ended up only doing 4 miles; a warm up, two at 7:00 pace, and one more slow. Kinda felt lame.

So this morning, I barely dragged myself out for a long run. It WAS a perfect morning, though - it rained last night, but was just a little cloudy this morning - and once I got started, I felt OK. I headed through one of the little downtown Reno parks, Wingfield, and it was nice to see it without a bunch of people around. Peaceful. Took a looping route to West McCarran Blvd, then headed uphill. When driving here, I've often noticed that the Steamboat Ditch Trail goes right by it, and I've never been on the trail that near town (I have done it much farther west of town.) I was hoping to hop onto it there and run it out to the access point near the Patagonia warehouse, then come back home however felt right. After looping for a mile of so through the snooty Caughlin Ranch neighborhood backyards (I think trampolines and hot tubs are mandatory there) and crossing a few streets, the trail hit a huge fence/gate with a sign on saying "trail access closed" or something. The trail seemed to continue on the other side, but it was a REALLY serious gate - no getting around it. It's too bad - that would have made a great loop, partly on dirt. Fromm looking at the photos on Google Maps (zoomable map on the Garmin page), it looks like the trail is closed mainly because that's where the super-nice houses are, and they don't want people running and biking so near to their house. Can't say for sure, though, but that kind of bums me out. Anyway, I turned around and wound my way through well-groomed but empty paved trails in Caughlin Ranch back to McCarran, then up and over to King's Row and back home.

(I never knew that there was a pedestrian tunnel under McCarran on the Ditch Trail. The only other tunnel under McCarran I know of is the one by Rancho San Rafael...)

My mileage said 14 miles, and that's fine - I was aiming for 15. Probably would have been longer if not for that fence. At one point, though, I looked down and my watch was stopped - I hit Start again and it started going. I can't find a gap on the map or the elevation profile that would tell me what happened, though...

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SnowLeopard said...

What a great little video of the Steamboat Ditch Trail! I'd love to go run it sometime. And we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful cool weekend for running and being outside. :)