Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New plan

So. Done with the half I was training for, and looking ahead to a few more things this summer. Problem is, I don't have a plan.

I'm the kind of runner that has to have a plan. I need something written down that tells me what I need to do each day. Way back in 1999, I ran my first marathon using the book 4 Months to a 4-hour Marathon. I got sick partway though the program, didn't fully train, and finished in 4:37, but also, it wasn't the best course to run a first marathon on. Just recently, I trained for a half marathon using a training plan I found in Outside Magazine. Didn't quite make my goal on that, either, but came pretty close. In between those two training plans, I used a bit more, um, relaxed method. Mostly, it was to run when I felt like it. That worked out sometimes - well, not that often, really. That's why there's such a big gap in my race results... Anyway, I feel stronger right now than I ever have, mostly because I've found what motivates me - having a plan written down, and sticking to it.

Having had all the experience of going through two very different training programs, eight years apart, I seem to think that I'm now qualified to come up with my own program for myself. To be fair, I've also done a bit of reading on the subject - I'm a librarian, and as a group, we tend to take the "I can learn this - there must be a book about it" attitude toward stuff. Runner's World has been helpful, both some recent articles and their online Smart Coach. So I've come up with a plan for the next month, to lead me into a relay up at Lake Tahoe that I'd like to hold up my end of. And I've got some ideas for training for a fall marathon, probably starting a plan in late July. Now I just need to figure out what to do (other than adding miles and altitude) to train for my first ultra, the TRT 50k in mid-July.


SnowLeopard said...

Dude! I so need to create one of those charts that you made to keep track of your races and times! I have all of my triathlons written down, and broken down by event, but they're all over the place. (Plus I saved all my bibs.) Way to be organized. I especially liked that you put me in the note field to show why those times are much slower than the rest. Ha ha! :) Good luck coming up with a training plan~

Nitmos said...

Training plans are like...everyone's got one. I take a look at several and then blend them together to work them into my schedule. I've never followed one plan specifically. I'm sure you are more than qualified.