Thursday, June 19, 2008


Went for a nice 5-mile loop this morning, leaving before it was light and getting home a little after dawn. Really nice time of the day - long-sleeve shirt weather, and no-one else out. Well, almost no-one. About a block from my house, just heading out, I rounded a blind corner and almost ran right into two big guys walking along the sidewalk. Now, I'm 6'4", 195, and maybe it was just the element of surprise, but these looked like big, mean guys to me. After I squeaked "Oops - sorry" and kept going, I realized that I could probably outrun them, anyway. Gave me a nice little scare, though. Wish I had been wearing the heart rate monitor; it probably would have had a nice spike to it. If you look close enough at my pace, you can see where I had to slow to get around them - right about the .2 mile mark. Then I went faster for a little while...

Wore a new pair of shoes this morning, too - I'm planning a long trail run on Saturday, and didn't want my first day on my new Asics 2120 trail shoes to be a 25 miler. When I first tried these on, they felt like they fit a little shallow - like there was a lot of cushion, but not so much upper. After wearing them around for a couple of days, though, they feel pretty natural. Standard fit, firm but not stiff, and they seem pretty durable. Little worried about how the plastic midsole is going to hold up to rocky trail, but I assume they've tested that... I'll know more after some good trail use this weekend.

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Nitmos said...

I've been wanting to get some of those shoes. Thanks for the mini review!