Friday, August 15, 2008


Been a little quiet here lately, because I haven't been running this week. After the aborted run on Saturday, I decided I needed to get my hip looked at, so had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, got an x-ray, then had a physical therapy appointment yesterday, Thursday. I got to choose where I went, so I tracked down the same guy who looked at my shoulder last year, and who I was pretty impressed with. He took a look at the x-ray report, asked a couple of questions, and got to work. Did a few adjustments, which straightened things out a bit, gave me some exercises and stretches to work the right parts the right way, and stuck a little heel lift in my shoe. Also gave me some bad news: from the x-ray, one of the things that they could tell is that I'm susceptible to hip arthritis - so, unless I want a couple of hip replacements in 20 years, long-distance running probably isn't the best sport for me. Kind of lame, as I was starting to really like the marathon/ultra thing. But I will keep running somewhat, maybe aiming for some quicker 10K/5K PRs for now. Then maybe get a bike, phase into triathlons, road biking, etc.


Nitmos said...

Well then keep me away from the x-ray machinge. I'd rather remain blissfully ignorant of my future hip arthritis. I expect canes to be cool in 30 years anyhow.

SnowLeopard said...

Whoo-hoo! Triathlons it is! We can do a whole different kind of race together. :) Wanna go do some swim training with me? I'll give you some good workouts/technique tips... (listen to me slip right into lifeguard/swim teacher mode!)