Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interval FAIL

I've had the FAIL Blog on my feedreader for a few weeks now, and even if the subjects don't always totally crack me up, I at least like the titles. Beverage FAIL. Family picture FAIL. Success FAIL. Anyway, that was me this morning.

Workout this morning: 5 miles, 2 of which were supposed to be at 6:33 pace, with 1/4 mile in between the intervals, the balance taken up with warmup and cooldown. Yeah, complicated. So, I ran down to the Truckee River (1.3 miles) ran until Lumpy said 1.5 miles, then picked it up. I held 6:30 pace for, oh, 1/3 of a mile. Backed off to where I felt I wasn't going to die, and continued out to 2.5 on the watch. Hit the lap button, turned around, and kept going as fast as I could sustain. Back to the interval starting point, and slow down. Chugged the 1.5 back home, with a couple traffic light stops. But boy, I sure didn't hit the times I was supposed to. Oh well. Haven't been hitting the speedwork too hard lately...

Garmin note: Ran through a sprinkler and the bezel freaked out. The backlight turned on, and it took me like 3 minutes of messing with it to get it back off. Fortunately I'm not a super sweater; I've read of people who can't use their 405's because their sweat screws up the bezel. (Mine just seems to collect under the watch band and makes squelchy sounds when I take it off. Sorry if TMI...)

Oh, and Happy Birthday me. 36. Wheee!


Anonymous said...

what squeaks? The watch band or your sweat?

Nitmos said...

I've seen the wonky 405/bezel problem around and, apparently, Garmin has no advice other than "wear a sweatband" to prevent it. Lame.

Good effort though!