Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Windy early

Got out for a five-mile loop pretty early this morning; early enough, in fact that I stayed on the road instead of taking my favorite little off-road long cut. There were clouds out to the east, which was making the early dawn a little darker than usual. One of my standard loops, starting out up a decent sized hill, then a flat section, then downhill to home. Serious headwind on that uphill, too - blowing the breath right out of my mouth. Calmed down on the flat section, though.

I was thinking this morning about how my 3 mile loop feels like just a little pop around the neighborhood, but this five miler feels like kind of a grind. Wonder why that is?

Keeping a close eye on the hip, still. Not much clicking and popping, but it doesn't feel strong. I actually had some butt cramping cramping of the left gluteus major - I think it was ready to clench if the hip gave out. Fun stuff.

Pretty good average pace, right about where I want to be, but the first coupel miles sure felt like a slog...


SnowLeopard said...

Slog? Is that a technical term? You crack me up with your butt cramping! Ha ha! It's good that you're seeing the signs of when your hip might be getting ready to give out on you though... Good job for pushing through!

Gail said...

It interests me that our bodies will let us know how to stay in balance IF we will listen.