Monday, September 29, 2008

Lake Tahoe Marathon - Full Report

I probably should have just done the half. It was kind of interesting, though, to see how my body would respond to a marathon on the amount of miles I've been doing recently - which was about to be expected, I guess. OK, here was my day yesterday:

Alarm set for 4:30. Actually got out of bed at 4:20, breakfast and coffee, final arrangements.

Left shortly after 5:00 to drive up to South Lake Tahoe and the Horizon Hotel/Casino;

Where I caught a 6:40 shuttle bus around the east side of the lake to Tahoe City and the start line.

Milled around trying to stay warm (by about 15 minutes before the start, I was comfortable in shorts and a sleeveless shirt) and headed out at 8:30.

I was able to keep my pace on track for a PR or a 4:00 finish through just over half the race, but when the hills started at mile 15, my body was done. Walked up all of the Hill from Hell, and walked up the steeper hill coming out of Emerald Bay, as well. I knew I was hurting a bit when I felt like walking even on some of the downhills. The last five miles crept by, and I walked and ran when I could.

Finished in 4:24:32, almost 30 minutes off my PR here last year.

(Jeez, look at that elevation profile...)

Felt kind of woozy at the finish line, and ended up unintentionally playing a kind of That's Good/That's Bad:

Had a bootle of water to rehydrate - that made me feel better.

Drank a Borba water, which they were giving away tons of - that made me feel worse.

Soaked in the lake for a few minutes, dunking my head and splashing my face - that made me feel better.

Had a hot dog in the food line - that made me feel worse.

Saw a booth selling smoothies, which sounded refreshing, and had a mango one - that made me feel better.

Drank it too fast and got a brain freeze - that made me feel worse.

Kind of a roller coaster, there. I limped back to the bus, shuttled back to my car, and made the drive back to Reno somehow more awake than I expected to be.

A "destination" marathon like Tahoe draws quite a crowd - a few notable people I met/saw:

An ex-coworker from the golf course in Sunriver Oregon, who retired a few years ago and now travels around in his RV doing marathons.

An Austrian named Franz (?) who was going about my pace and passed me back and forth throughout the race, but must have had problems near the end, because he was finishing as I was walking toward the buses.

A woman who did the Tahoe Triple (three marathons in three days) with her tiny, 6 pound dog, Cheerio. Wow.

And of course, I got to say hi to Peter Lubbers, the winner of the Super Triple (Friday and Saturday marathons, 72 mile ultra on Sunday) I think I heard his finish announced, but couldn't seem to find him in the big mess of post-race craziness.


SnowLeopard said...

Your race report sounds a lot like how I felt during the DeCelle- the good run at the beginning, then the hills, then the run walking, and finally, "Oh. There's the finish line. I'd better run there." But don't be too hard on yourself- you did have a hip injury, and then got really sick. Two very difficult things to recover from. But hey, you did get the very cool medal, and you didn't break your chain in the Tahoe marathon competition...

Oh! And thanks for the introduction to a new picture book- I'm going to have to check that one out. Always looking for great new picture books!

B. Kramer said...

I love the better/worse roller coaster. Sorry that the race wasn't quite what you hoped, but damn that elevation profile! Thanks for stopping by Team HQ. Cheers.