Thursday, October 2, 2008

Easy Run DNF

In consoling myself about my disappointing race at Tahoe on Sunday, I looked up the stats from last year. If I had run my time from last year (3:54:14) this year, it would have got me 35th overall and a 4th place age group. Last year that time was good for 45th and 8th in my age. So, it was a harder race this year, probably due to temperatures. Of course, my lack of preparation didn't help.

So I felt pretty well recovered from the marathon soreness and wanted to get out for about a 5-mile easy run this morning. Thinking I'd do a long run this weekend, a couple shorter runs next week, and think about doing a local marathon the weekend after. I headed out this morning, and not two blocks from my house, I felt like I did at mile 16 of the marathon last Sunday. I had no lungs, no legs. Upset stomach. Noodly head. My hip wasn't clicking, but it didn't really feel right either. and there was a twinge in my right knee I've never felt before. I dragged myself about a mile before I called it and looped back home. I can only think of one other time when I've felt that bad while running and had to cut it short.

So, what is this, runner's karma paying me back for presuming to run a marathon on so little training?


SnowLeopard said...

DNF, dnf... DNF? Couldn't figure that one out. Hey- 3 miles and almost 500 calories is still something! Better than the big fat 0 I worked for this morning. :)

Nitmos said...

Belated Congrats on finishing Tahoe! If times were down across the board, you can crumble this one up and throw it away. Sometimes Weather sucks.