Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few TRT extras

I got so involved in putting up the pictures and video from the TRT run on Sunday, I forgot to include the map and other Garmin data goodies. Not that they're all that important, but I went to the trouble of prepping them, so I might as well throw them up here.

The map's kinda boring, actually - I've got to find a better way to get map data up here. I wish Mapmyrun's beta tool worked with the Forerunner 405.

Love the elevation profile on this run. And it feels like there are even more hills than that!

My splits, for what it's worth. I think that one sub-9:00 mile was when I was actually trying to keep up with everyone.

Oh, and Peter - it was a farmer, a fox, a goose and a bag of corn.


SnowLeopard said...

Dang! 3000 cal? I need to run 24 miles! Maybe I could have kept up with you. :)

Story title there at the end?

Peter Lubbers said...

That's it! Thanks for the link!

Marcy said...

Oh my gawd. It would probably take me 3 weeks to get that kind of cal burn LOL

Nitmos said...

Nasty looking blister below. Take another photo when it scabs over for a little before/after look.