Friday, October 3, 2008

Tahoe photos

A few examples of my pain at Tahoe:

Early on, still making good time. Mile 6-8, maybe?

This is somewhere near Emerald Bay, I can tell from the stamped concrete barrier rail. Not sure why 1) I'm running at this point and 2) I'm smiling. Or is that a grimace? Must be a short downhill section with a nice view...

Ahh, the hill. Now this isn't the "Hill from Hell", the mile and a half-long, 520 foot climb up to Emerald Bay. This is the second, shorter but much steeper climb OUT of Emerald Bay. Nice view here, too.

Note the strong finish! Still striding right to the end. Ha! - I was toast.


Marcy said...

Lookin good even if you were toast ;-)

SnowLeopard said...

Wow- these are good photos! Did you have a support crew following you during the race? :) Hey, I think you did an awesome job for training as little as you did- that's a lot of miles!