Friday, November 14, 2008

Easy run challenges

Had a nice easy run this morning - but was beset by challenges nonetheless.

First, I overdressed - shorts and a long-sleeve shirt would've been fine. I regretted wearing my vest, and was carrying my light gloves by halfway through.

Couldn't quite decide on a route - I was supposed to do a half hour easy, but my standard short run is usually about 24 minutes. Tried to tack a little onto that, and that's where things started getting weird.

Looked at my watch about a mile and a half in to see how my pace was doing (I've got the Garmin set to display average pace now.) It told me my average pace was 11:08/mile. Huh? I've run that same section lots of times, never over 9:00 pace. Strange.

Even when I tacked an extra loop on, I was only at 16 minutes at my turn point that would have taken me straight home in like 6 minutes. So, I made an extra loop that added more time than I meant to. Time read 38 minutes when I got home.

At home, the Garmin wouldn't upload. I decided to take a shower while it figured itself out, but when I came back out, it was still just sitting there. Apparently it won't upload while the clock is still running - I had somehow not hit "stop."

Once I did get it to upload, it looks like I didn't start the watch until a little ways into the run. No. Way. I started it in my driveway and looked at it under the first streetlight to confirm it was going. Don't know what's up there.

Anyway, it was a very nice morning run, beautiful sunrise just starting. Favorite time of the year...


SnowLeopard said...

That is weird! And it is beautiful outside. I'm heading out right now with a bowl of cereal to sit on my swing and enjoy the chill~

B. Kramer said...

Sounds like the Garmin is a bit of tippler. I can relate. Though I don't get as disoriented. Cheers.