Sunday, November 30, 2008


So things feel back in order in my running world now - I don't have one PR that's totally slow compared to the others. Looking at the paces for the four most common distances:

5K - 6:33/mile
10K - 6:58/mile
1/2 marathon - 7:09/mile
marathon - 8:56/mile

Yeah, I do need to get that marathon time down a bit - but come to think of it, I've never really trained specifically for a marathon. I've just relied on a base fitness level from long trail runs, and done a few weeks of work toward the marathon. Maybe next year I can concentrate on one in particular.

So the next thing I've got coming up is a 5K in a couple weeks, at which I'm hoping to Shave My 5K for Vanilla's challenge. Unfortunately, my "stubble" time - the time which I'll be trying to beat - is my PR. A PR that was set on a totally flat course that measured about a tenth of a mile short. The 5K that's coming up is called the Moonlight Madness - held in the evening, which s not my usual running time. And it's held in a local park which promises a twisty, non-flat course. So - should be interesting. I'm not holding out much hope of actually beating my time, but it sounds like it'll be a fun race, anyway.

Other running news - still unhappy with my current shoes, the Asics 2130s I've had for a few months now. Trying to decide where to go next. Thinking back to Adidias, maybe the Supernova Sequence. Kind of fascinated be End shoes, now, too...

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SnowLeopard said...

I'm having some shoe questions myself- developed that foot problem, tried switching shoes and insoles to no avail. I think next time I buy, I'll get my foot checked out and hopefully some recommendations from a professional and not just someone who happens to be working in the store that day.

Good luck with another PR! :)