Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spark-a-delic 5K

Today marked a couple of firsts for me - the first time I paced someone trying to reach a goal, and the first time I've run costumed. The event was the Spark-a-delic 5K, sponsored by and run at the new supergigantic Scheels store at near the Sparks Marina. My running buddy Amber has been trying to break the 25 minute mark in a couple of 5Ks now, and since I'm blistered and haven't been doing speedwork, I thought that was about what I wanted to run today. Also, the race included a costume contest - psychedelic 70s wear - so I dressed for it in bright pink pants, lavender ruffle tux shirt with the sleeves cut of, and sparkly purple bow tie and cummerbund. Oh, and a purple wig. Best picture I've got:

I set my Virtual Training Partner on Lumpy to 8:00 miles, and we headed out. Stayed just ahead of him on the way out, but turning and coming back into the wind lost us a little time. I thought we were just going to miss the 25 minute mark, but as we turned and looked toward the finish, the official clock only showed 24:20. Picked it up a little bit and finished at 24:55. This pacing stuff's not so hard, Vanilla.

(Excellent elevation profile, eh?)

We milled around for awhile to wait for the awards ceremony - I thought I had a chance in the costume contest. Turns out Amber's the one that took home a prize, though - 2nd place in her age group! A medal and a $25 gift card - sweet! The costume contest was kind of a bust, though - only one prize, and it went to someone else. Big dang trophy for it, though.

Congratulations to Amber on meeting the goal! Great job.


SnowLeopard said...

Yeah for both of us! But seriously, I would have slowed down quite a bit more that last half mile and missed my mark if it weren't for you pacing me~ you did an excellent job motivating me, and I appreciated every second of it through my huffing lungs and wind-battered body! :) You ROCK!

(And you SO should have won the costume contest! All that girl had on you was her fro, but you had an entire costume to draw in the stares...)

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I noticed your list of upcoming runs. You should check out the Truckee Turkey Trot. It's around Donner Lake (7 miles).

Jim (fellow Spark-o-delic runner)

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! Look at you and all your hotness! Love the outfit! CONGRATS to both of you ;-)