Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extra long post (with bonus parenthetical statements and probably too many ellipses...), mostly about this morning's run

(Wow, even the title is long. And starting out with parentheses? Is that even allowed?)

OK, so this morning. Got up at my usual time to go to the gym, just after 2:00 AM. (I know, but if I'm awake I might as well be getting something done. I usually don't even use an alarm to wake up at that time, it just happens. Actually, I do have my alarm set for 3:00, but rarely make it that far. Hey, the gym is deserted, I'm usually one of three or four people there, so I get my pick of the machines. I tried going on a Saturday once last year and just couldn't handle it.)

Threw my gear on, hopped in the car and took off. A few blocks from home, I realized that I hadn't put my Garmin on my wrist. (This is the second time this year it's happened - the first time I was even farther away, but turned around and went back for it, for reasons I'll explain... Weird that I forgot it, too, since I took the time to stick the heart rate monitor in the pocket of my sweatshirt; you'd think that would've reminded me...) Turned around, zoomed back home, and ran in to grab it.

I keep the Garmin sitting on top of a little charging station I made - it has a surge protector inside, and a few holes in the front through which snake different cords to charge cell phones, iPods, etc. I grabbed the watch, started putting it on, and noticed that the display was blank. (My first thought was actually of Nitmos's post yesterday, where his Garmin malfunctions due to cold, and I hoped he hadn't jinxed me...) I tried the reboot trick where you hold all the buttons sown, but it didn't work. Stood dumbfounded for a couple of minutes, and finally gave up and went for my workout without it for the first time this year.

Now, let me explain a little. Apparently I'm one of those people who like to keep track of things. Back in my just-after-college days, when I worked at ski areas for a few years, I kept a log of all my days skiing. For the past few years, I've kept track of all the books I've read. Before I got the Garmin (last May) I tracked my runs using (And I'd probably go back to them too, if they could figure out how to support the Garmin 405.) Last year kind of bummed me out statistically because I had part of the year on Mapmyrun, and part of it on Garmin Connect - so I couldn't really get a clean measure of the year's miles. If I had an unspoken resolution this year, it was to have all my data in one place. And, thanks to this little problem with the Garmin, I made it all the way to January 20th.

So I was a little preoccupied on the way to the gym, thinking about warranty possibilities and where the receipt and instructions for the watch were, that kind of thing. Did my core and lower body workout, then headed to the treadmills for an interval workout that I'd been dreading. (This is one of the hardest parts of this little plan I'm on - the first interval workout is really fast for me - 3:55/K, or about 6:15/mi for 2K, or about 8 minutes. I'd be hard pressed to hit that.)

I started out with a 10 minute warm-up, at about 9:00 mile pace. Felt fine, although I already felt like I didn't want to go much faster. After 10 minutes, I bumped the speed up to 7:00 miles, and even there, I didn't want to hold for more that three minutes. Backed off to 10:00 miles and trudged out for a total of a 30:00, 3.22 mile session. Kinda weak. (but on the plus side, my calves, which have been sore to the touch since last Sunday's stair climbing, are almost back to 100%...)

Back home, I picked up the Garmin again - still dead. Checked the power cord from the charging station - still plugged in. Checked a phone that was charging on it - it was charged, but not currently charging. Checked the power switch on the surge protector - the little light wasn't on. Click. Click. No light. OK, so the power strip died. Unplug Garmin charger, plug into wall. Blink. "Charging from 0%" OK, don't have to worry about warranty on the Garmin. Just need a new power strip. Ruined my yearly total already, though. Now I'll have to rely on my Google Docs spreadsheet training log for accurate yearly totals. (This makes four places I keep track of my runs - Garmin connect, the Google Docs spreadsheet, my blank paper calendar where I pencil my training plan, and my work's "Wellness Program" website, from which I've already won an iPod Shuffle and a couple of movie tickets - just for logging my workouts.)

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SnowLeopard said...

Wooooowww, that is a lot of thought! I'm sorry about your charging station (pretty cool idea!) and your workout, but at least your calves are doing better! Mine are not 100% yet, but I can walk downstairs without flinching anymore. Hopefully tomorrow's run won't hurt as much as yesterdays...