Monday, January 19, 2009

Stairs bite

But, apparently, I'm going to be running quite a few of them in the next month or so. I'm signed up for the Climb California, a run up the 52 stories of the Bank of America Building in San Francisco on March 28th. This is a benefit for the American Lung Association, and is definitely a sponsorship deal. So, as little as I do this and as bad at it as I am, this is my "asking for money" post. If you'd like to sponsor me, here's my fundraising page at the event website. OK, enough said. Thank you for your support.

My team for the event (Calvesandquadsoffire, which is really Team Library Dork and Friends) have done some stair running at the UNR stadium over the winter. It's hard to simulate the constant effort of running up a building, though, when you're going up and down, up and down a stadium. So yesterday, we headed into downtown Reno and found a casino building where we could get into the stairwell. We ended up doing the 28 stories of Circus Circus twice. Everyone's legs were trembling after the first, and total jelly after the second. Barely made it back to where our cars were parked. And today... Let's just say I have muscles in my calves that I didn't know were there. But it should be a good time, and an interesting run to do.


SnowLeopard said...

Ahhhh! Jelly? More like mush. Do you think Chris will make us do that two weeks in a row? I hurt so bad today I can't even run to work out the lactic acid. And BTW, I think our team name is Calvesandquads Of Fire. I could be mistaken- I have to go look at how Chris typed it in...

On the plus side, yay road trip! :)

Marcy said...

Dude that's so cool!!