Sunday, January 11, 2009

Virtual Run Across America

Near the end of last year, I started watching a blog idea called Virtual Run Across America. The idea is, you convert every mile that you run to 10 "virtual miles" and track yourself on a predetermined course across the country, from Maine to California. Finally got my stuff together enough to get started on it, and Nikemom (who runs it) was nice enough to open it up for other bloggers to post on it. So, my first post over there was today. I've only done 200 or so virtual miles so far, so I'm still in Maine, but it's a good start. Check it out; get involved if you want. It's less than 4000 miles total, so if you plan on running at least 400 "real" miles this year, it'll be a fun way to track progress.

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Marcy said...

YAY!! Nikemom always has good ideas for fun running stuff ;-)