Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh Tracks Snowshoe 5K

Chris's email earlier this week was titled "Anyone care to step out of your comfort zone?" He was drumming up interest for a snowshoe race in Tahoe this weekend, seeing if anyone wanted to make the trip up there. Since I've already destroyed my comfort zone this year by running two races in one weekend, I was in. We would have had a full Team Library Dork turnout two weeks in a row - Dave made it too, but unfortunately our fourth member, Amber, had some pretty serious back issues on Saturday. (I'm gonna dedicate this race to our missing member - hope that's OK with everyone...)

So everyone had snowshoes or rented them, and we met in Town and headed up to South Lake Tahoe early this morning. The forecast had been calling for light snow, but temps rose and it ended up with a light rain. Made it a little soft in places, but not too bad. We got registered, warmed up a little, and then got our gear on:

(That's not my truck...)

Milled around for a bit, had a race briefing, and lined up for the start. The course went out in a little half-mile loop back to the start, then a bigger 2.5 mile figure 8. The first loop felt great - getting used to the snowshoes, not too hilly, then boom - you were back where you started. The figure 8 loop was a gradual, kind of grinding uphill that (for me) just seemed to keep going, then a downhill that went by much too quick. There was a sneaky uphill right near the end, too, that had me walking for a few steps. I heard someone's cowbells at the finish line, though, and that spurred me on.

I had lost sight of Chris pretty early, as is usually the case, and settled into 5th position. I passed to take 4th somewhere around the mile mark, and was able to hold on despite tiring quite a bit near the end. Chris took 1st in his first snowshoe race, and Dave came in 8th or 9th (?). Chris and I were the only ones in our age group, so we were 1 and 2 in that, and Dave's AG was more crowded - he got an AG 3rd.

Here's some footage of Dave finishing strong:

The hill profile, and my pace and splits:

We changed into dry shoes, grabbed a bratwurst, and hung out in the rain for awhile. The "after" shot:

They had awards inside, out of the rain. Chris getting his 1st overall:

(OK, I can't help it. Chris, is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to win?)

Cute little medals - handmade, snowshoe-shaped things with pinecones and a snowflake that had the name of the race and finish place on it. Here's Chris's hanging from the mirror of my car:

All in all, a fun morning, and a cool way to "step outside my comfort zone." Thanks, Chris, for suggesting that.


SnowLeopard said...

Hey thanks Turi! I wish I could have come~ but I'm happy to be just walking at this point. Looks like you guys had a blast, and I'm really glad you posted that video of Dave- I was having a hard time visualizing running in showshoes. :) Awesomeness!

p.s. Were there any sales racks that I missed out on? Hee!

Marcy said...

Dude that looks pretty cool!! Nice job ;D

slowrunner77 said...

go Team Library Dork!!! What's next?

Turi Becker said...

IS there anything before the stair climb experience?