Saturday, February 21, 2009

A good week

So I had a good week of training - running, lifting and eating right (if possibly a little less than I should've.) I feel like I've made a good start at things. I'm just vaguely following a training plan, not forcing myself to hit specific numbers and times, but really making the effort to do every workout. Had a good interval session on Tuesday, a nice easy run on Wednesday, and a progression run on Thursday that I didn't feel very strong for, but got through. Today, then, I had a long run to do.

Since I'm going to be doing more trail running this year, with 4 trail half marathons spread in the spring and fall, I want to get off the pavement more for my long runs. So today, I went on one of my favorite trail runs - from home, up Keystone Street and then up Keystone Canyon, then across to the top of Evans Creek Canyon and down that. Great trails, a nice morning for a run. I'm pretty sure I didn't have enough fuel in me with me reduced diet, though, and felt like I was heading toward a bonk for a while. Made it out fine, although I did have one fall right near the top of the main climb. Got a little scrape on my knee, but caught myself OK.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I'll "step outside my comfort zone..."

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SnowLeopard said...

Ah, you changed your picture to one of downtown Reno! That's nice one too. :) I'm glad you had a good running week, and the
perseverance to stick to your diet too~ :)