Sunday, February 15, 2009

You've Gotta Be Crazy Run

OK, so despite not running AT ALL this week, I did another race this weekend. Team Library Dork was making a showing at the You've Gotta Be Crazy Run in Verdi, NV. Seeing as one of our members, Dave, is the manager of the Verdi Library (basically, where the race starts and ends) it seemed like a logical thing to do. We managed to get a before picture snapped:

(That's Chris, Dave, me and Amber)

Then we lined right up and off we went. The course (5K one loop, 10K two loops - we all did the 5K) Went down a hill to the river, then back up the hill and along a long straightaway just inside the Nevada/California State line. Then a turn, a gentle downhill and a little uphill to the finish. The hilliness affected me a lot more than I though - I had some side stitches and a weird feeling in my right shin. Toughed it out for a 23:26, though.

(Results are up now. I finished 21st overall, 11th in my age group. Crowded age group...)

Here's the elevation profile:

And some pictures from the course:

Oh, yeah - did I mention it snowed for much of the race? That's one of the points, I guess - "You've Gotta Be Crazy" and all. Actually, they give an award for first shirtless male and jog-bra-clad female to finish. That wasn't any of us...

However, Team Library Dork made a pretty good showing. Chris finished far enough ahead of me, I'm not sure if he placed overall or ended up with an age group place, but he, Amber and Dave all got age group awards. I got shut out because of the huge 18-39 age group I fell into on this one. But three out of four of us bringing home awards? Sweet! Here's the winners with their water bottle trophies:

(Chris's shorts? Don't ask. Seriously.)

There was a rack of GREAT deals on running gear from our local running store, and Amber went into kamikaze shopper mode. Dave got roped into holding her stuff, and I don't think he was even sure how it happened:

A final team photo:

And then off to some more serious business: Dave had a couple of barleywines for us to taste. An Alaska and one from Avery Brewing. The Avery was a little hoppy for me; I liked the Alaska, but results varied.

Nice morning, guys; fun to get out together and run in the snow. Thanks Dave for the warming hut and tastings...


SnowLeopard said...

I totally look like Princess Leia with those headphones in the first picture! Ha ha! Maybe I should wear my ear buds when I wear that hat. I had an awesome time hanging out with you guys today- thanks for joining me in another race, a second weekend in a row! :)

p.s. Your racing recaps are awesome- all the race details and snapshots really give them an added personal touch~

C said...

Great job on the race! But wth kind of age group is 18-39?? You totally got shafted on that.