Friday, March 27, 2009

Hooray Spring results

Runninglaur posted the results for the Hooray Spring Six Miler, the virtual race I took part in last weekend. Befitting the lighthearted nature of the race, you get to pick which category you fall into, and choose your award. I'm going to call myself a "Speedy Sunflower" since I apparently finished fairly high in the rankings speed-wise.

Thanks a gain for a fun virtual race - I'm not going to do EVERY single one of these that pops up, but I'll be trying to fit virtual races into my schedule sometimes in the future. Fun!

Right now I'm just about out the door to San Francisco for the weekend, to do the Climb California on Saturday and the Presidio 10 on Sunday. Here's hoping for excellent weather...


Peter Lubbers said...

Way to go, speedy!
Good luck at the stair climb.

RunningLaur said...

Great work on the race - I think you're definitely a Speedy Sunflower.

Hopefully there will be more virtual races to come - I just need to find another good reason :)