Monday, March 30, 2009

Presidio 10

I think the organizers of the Presidio 10 got an email list from the folks at the Climb California event - at least, it seemed like the email advertising it went out to all the participants. At any rate, it seemed like a pretty cool race, so when the forcast called for decent weather, I went ahead and signed up. I was a little apprehensive, thinking my calves might be pretty sore after the stair climb, but somehow they weren't at all. Still not sure why that was, but pretty thankful for it.

I had a cheering section for this race - Amber had done the stairs the day before, but her ankle and back still weren't up to a 10K, so she was nice enough to hang out while I ran. There was a huge sporting goods store there, so she did get to do some shopping while I was on the course...

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. A little cold - the 10K started at 8:00, but I was doing the 10 miles, which they sent off after, at 8:30. Seemed weird, but it did get the bridge cleared out pretty well - they've been doing this race for 25 years, I guess they know what they're doing by now. Here's the start of the 10M:

The course of the 10 mile race winds around the Presidio a little before heading across the bridge - Here are a few shots from the early, hilly part of the course:

You can just see the Golden Gate in that second one. Right before we got to the bridge, we hopped off the road and ran on trails for a little while. Got a little bumpy there, and my pictures didn't come out as well. Now I wish I had bought the camera with image stabilization...

Onto the bridge, first trip across:

And on the way back, looking right into the sun and at the city:

After getting off the bridge, we ran along the beach path for awhile. I was mostly concentrating on the running at this point (mile 8.5 on) but had to snap a picture here at a turnaround:

Again, a little blurry - sorry. I was able to hold my pace pretty well over the last two miles - really felt all the core work I've been doing keeping my posture correct. In the last half mile, I was even able to put on some speed and pass a few more people. I did get smoked by someone just coming into the chute - probably 20 yards from the finish. Man, he was flying. (And a really nice guy, apparently - got in touch with him via email to offer a copy of this picture of him about to pass me, taken by Amber.)

Pretty happy with the way I ran the race - didn't push too hard in the early miles, and kept some for the end. I ended up 123rd overall, 15th in my AG, with 1:17:27 and a 7:45 pace. Here's the elevation and pace info; I didn't wear my heart rate monitor:


SnowLeopard said...

GORGEOUS DAY! I hope next year is as beautiful as this weekend was, 'cause I am SO doing a double race weekend! Thanks for letting me tag along- the shopping was great, especially without kids! Ha ha!

nwgdc said...

No kidding, absolutely Gorgeous! It doesn't matter what you run on that course--look where you are! And still, to run that well? What a day!