Sunday, March 8, 2009

TLD Snowshoe outing

Met the other members of Team Library Dork this morning for a little snowshoe cross-training up toward Mt Rose. As we had all also been at a beer-tasting at Chris's house the night before, and minus the hour of daylight savings time, our 6:45 AM meeting seemed kinda early. We wanted to be up there for some nice early light, though. We met in the parking lot of the South Valleys Library:

Loaded into one car, and headed up into the hills. We were planning on going up the access road to Relay Peak, a rolling, gradually climbing road that rises near the end to just over 10,000 feet. With the amount of snow they've had recently, though, we could only park at the plowed lot near the top of the pass, and so had to start off on the Mt. Rose trail until we could cut over to the access road. (There it goes, off to the left.)

Wow - it sure wasn't very easy going. The snow had crusted over the footprints of various other snowshoers and skiers that had been by in the last few days. So every step was unstable. Not to mention the gusting winds blowing snow in our faces, and the fact that we were dressed for maybe a little warmer temps. Here's a shot of Chris being buffeted by the wind:

We stuck it out for a little longer, though, and things got a little better. The road got to a point where it had been packed down by snowmobiles, so it was easier to walk on. We got a break from the wind walking through some trees. And the sun finally got high enough to warm us up a bit. Here's Amber and Dave coming into the windbreak area. Check out the clouds flying by in the background:

We continued up to the cutoff for the Mt. Rose trail, and debated going back that way. Better part of valor, though - we weren't exactly sure of the route, and thought it wiser to just retrace our steps. Sure made better time back down the trail - even ran for a ways. Had some great vies of Lake Tahoe, too:

Instead of scrambling back over the top, though, we dropped down to Mt. Rose Highway at the end of the access road and walked the few blocks back up to the parking lot.

All in all, a fun (albeit cold) morning. Thanks again, guys, for getting me out there on a day that I probably wouldn't have otherwise...

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SnowLeopard said...

That was a fun workout! I'd love to go up again on snowshoes- maybe a flatter more stable trail to try a bit more running. Took me a little while to figure out my balance and not step on the other snow shoe, but I think I did pretty well for my first time out! Team Library Dork Rocks!