Thursday, April 30, 2009

Midweek update

Just looking at my training log for this year, and realizing: It's the end of April, 4 months into the year, and I'm at 406.29 miles on the year. That's easily on track to break 1000 miles again for the year. Wonder if I can read more than 100 books again, too?

Coming up this weekend: The Reno Rock 'n' River Half Marathon. I had originally signed up to do the full marathon, since it seems like a really cool course - all along the Truckee River, first west through Reno and Back, then east to Sparks and back. I dropped back to the half, though, because I wasn't getting the miles in, and with 4 other races in 5 weeks, it just felt like too much.

So do I have a goal for the half? I wasn't going to worry about it, just see how I feel and play it by ear. I've been feeling pretty strong, though, and feel like I'm in a better place than I was at this time last year. So I'm going to try to hit the goal I missed at this same race last May: 1:30:00. I'm going to set my watch to 6:50 pace, and try to hold it through as long as I can. If I blow up at some point, I won't feel too bad - but it's worth a try. Did a tempo run this morning of 3 miles at race pace, with a mile warmup and a mile cool down, and it felt pretty good. So now I'm on a little mini-taper - I'll rest tomorrow, do a short 30 minute easy run on Saturday, and be ready and rested on Sunday, with "coiled spring" my mental image for myself.

Happily, two members of Team Library Dork will be running the 10K (Amber and Dave) and I think Chris said he might come and cheer us on. So awesome having a team...


SnowLeopard said...

I think you'll hit all three of your goals- the first two with almost no question! :) I'm sure you'll do great on Sunday- and GET THAT TAT!

I completely agree with on on the team front- I miss you guys! I'd like to start training together again when all these races are done...

Peter Lubbers said...

Hey, good luck at the half this weekend. I heard Tim Twietmeyer is going to speaking at the expo.

Gretchen said...

holy cow, you read 100 books last year?? You are my hero. I seriously wish I had time for that. I'm kind of a slow reader though.
Psyched for the race on Sunday. Think the rain will let up? Glad to hear the whole crew will be there.
I didn't really take any days off this week, and after last weekend's race, I'm just thinking of this as a tempo run.
I'll look for you!