Friday, April 17, 2009


I've been really good lately. Looking back at my training log, I've been keeping to a solid training schedule since early February. After last weekend, though, my body had had enough and decided to get sick on me. Nothing too serious, just the basic low-level phlegmy sinus headaches I usually get. The kind that my doctor has me treat with Mucinex and "Vitamin T" - Time. I didn't bother him with this one.

This little illness coincided with my wife and 7 year-old son being out of town, leaving myself and my 4 year-old daughter. I was unable to sneak out of the house for my early morning workouts, not being comfortable leaving her alone. So, I just gave myself a 4-day break from running, only doing my core workouts in the afternoons. My legs were feeling a little twitchy by yesterday afternoon, like they wanted to get moving.

I think I'm 80% over it now, so with my wife back in town, I did a normal workout at the gym early this morning. My normal upper body/core routine, then 5 miles on the treadmill - increasing pace each mile for the first 4, then dropping back on the last. Felt pretty good. Sometimes I think running the sickness out actually works.

I need to get one more long run in this weekend before a month of races every weekend starts. Actually, there's a 5K this Sunday I'm thinking of doing, maybe as part of a long run, or maybe just by itself. We'll see. At any rate, glad to be back in the game.


SnowLeopard said...

Yay for getting healthy! I'm getting there slowly too. :) Time is always the hardest thing to take though- I think having the past 3 days off has really helped out my lower back pain (not sitting at a desk), and working out later after it's had a chance to loosen up a bit on its own really helps.

I'm sure you'll do great in your month of races as a result of this rest. :) Bodies need time to heal, even when we're not sick~

Nitmos said...

Being around 4 year olds for extended periods is never good for one's health. Keep on truckin'.