Saturday, April 4, 2009

Running the letters

I've been needing to stretch out my weekend runs, as well as get out on the trail a bit more, to prepare for a couple trail half marathons and a marathon coming up. To that end, I went out this morning for a decent run up in the Peavine foothills above north Reno. I call this basic route "running the letters" because it goes above both the big white "R" that Reno High School students put on a hill in the west part of the run:

and the "N" that UNR students maintain to the east of it.

The whole route looks like this:

I started out just before the sun started lightening things up, at about 5:45. By the time I got to the end of the pavement at the top of King's Row, it was light enough to see my footing on the rocky road. Some pretty steep uphills for the next couple miles, and I had to walk a few times. After I started up running again, and crested one particular hill with an awesome panoramic view, I got a little distracted and took a pretty good fall. Caught myself on my hands and rolled, but ended up with a solid rock hit to my left thigh. That's gonna bruise.

Pretty soon I got back to familiar trails, ones that I've mountain biked on a lot. Coasted the downhills back to Evans Creek Canyon, and on the way passed the only other people out this morning - three guys and a dog, all outfitted ultra-runner style with Nathan vests. Cool to see other people out, probably training for the Silver State 50/50.

Cruised back through Rancho San Rafael, would through some neighborhoods back home. Ended up doing the 12.35 miles in just under two hours, and I feel pretty good. Nice morning!


RunningLaur said...

Good run! The letters are pretty cool too!

SnowLeopard said...

So you ran on parts of an unfamiliar trail? You are brave! I have a hard time trying out new trails unless I have someone else as a guide- always afraid I'll get lost. Good for you! You are going to do awesome on all your trail runs this summer! :)