Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 21 - TRT training

Headed out about 6:30 this morning, to make it up to Spooner Summit for the first of the "official" training days for the TRT ultramarathons. These official days are cool for a couple of reasons: First, they're supported, with a couple of aid stations out on the course. Second, it's great to run with a bunch of ultra runners - I always learn things I can use later.

We self-shuttled up to Rose - I got 4 other guys into my car and headed out. When we got there, I for one realized that I had slightly underdressed. There was a biting cold wind whipping off the lake. I wish I'd had a windbreaker to start with, but REALLY wish I'd have had gloves - I'd have had them on almost all day.

Everyone kind of took off at their own pace - here's a shot of a group starting out in the meadows:

Once we got into the trees, the wind wasn't so bad. We all spread out - it was a pretty lonely day out on the trail, actually. I wasn't feeling too hot - headache and sore throat. Started feeling sorry for myself, had a little psychological downward spiral. Never had any doubt of finishing, but I wasn't all that happy about being out there.

Did get a little boost from one of my favorite views in the world: Overlooking Marlette and Lake Tahoe:

Like at the first aid station, I ate a quarter of a pb&j sandwich and an oreo at the second one (ultra aid stations rule!)

This route has a couple of seriously relentless climbs. This is one of them. Picture this: you've already climbed up a big hill, in the trees, and you keep watching th see when you will come out of the trees, hoping that will be the top. Then you see this. Enlarge it; it still doesn't do it justice...

Of course, you're then rewarded with a panorama like this:

Took a little video of a couple guys running by. Turn your sound down; the wind is whippin' by.

Here's some good data from the run; map and elevation:

And so: Weeks one through three of the streak looked like this:

I have a feeling tomorrow morning's gonna be tough...

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SnowLeopard said...

One word for that hill: Ugh. It does look a little chilly, and that wind in the video... Looks like a beautiful day for a nice long run!