Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 29 - All the bridges

A few weeks ago, I did one of my 3-4 mile runs downtown, running back and forth on the bridges that cross I-80. As I've driven on I-80 since then, I keep noticing other bridges that I hadn't run on. This morning I headed out to run ALL the bridges.

Basically, I ran over to Valley street and started weaving across the Interstate. I crossed on the railroad bridge, which is technically a no-no, and on the pedestrian-only bridge by the hospital. All counted, I crossed I-80 ten times. even hit the loopy pedestrian ramps on the Vine Street Bridge, which I've seen but never been on:

One more day of the streak. I'll probably end it with a treadmill run tomorrow - not the perfect way to end, but that's what's planned into my schedule. Also, if I want the numbers to come out even, I can control it better that way...


RunningLaur said...

Very cool, Turi.
30 days and you've seen all kinds of new angles.

SnowLeopard said...

That DOES make for a very cool looking map! What is your goal that you want to measure on the treadmill?