Sunday, June 14, 2009

Days 13 & 14 - Busy.

Yesterday, Saturday the 13th, was a long, busy day. It started at 5 AM, leaving for Lake Tahoe to run in the Lake Tahoe Relay. It didn't end until almost 10:30, after dinner at the lake, the drive home, and getting cars rearranged and everyone back home. I'll do a longer post all about it later today after I get the pictures edited, but we had a great time; I did leg 5, which was 10 something miles.

Looks like I'll have a busy day today, too, including juggling one sick kid while picking another up from the airport. Had to get my run out of the way early, then, so I went out at about 4:30 AM. Basically did the lop through the UNR campus from last week, but backwards and with a couple small modifications. Yep, still tired from yesterday, but wow - that felt uphill the whole way.

Anyway, that's week 2 out of the way, and here's what my first two weeks looked like:

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SnowLeopard said...

I admire your endurance! Keep at it~ :)