Monday, June 15, 2009

Lake Tahoe Relay

Last year's Lake Tahoe Relay was such a blast that we decided to put together a team again this year. We had pretty much the same roster, except that Amber couldn't join us - her back has been giving her problems. (Feel better, Amber!) Peter took her leg, so he ended up running two of the harder ones. So our line-up was:

Leg 1, 9.6 miles: Sean
Leg 2, 8.2 miles: Chris
Leg 3, 10.3 miles: Rocky
Leg 4, 12.3 miles: Peter
Leg 5, 10.6 miles: Turi
Leg 6, 10.5 miles: Peter
Leg 7, 10.5 miles: Hayes

We all got to the "Y" in South Lake Tahoe with just enough time to get organized, loaded up in the van, and get Sean to the start. (BTW, thanks to Marc for the loan of his sweet VW Eurovan - it was the perfect crew vehicle.)

Sean got us started out right - that's him in the red. I didn't notice it at the time, but it looks like he found a friend to run with. Did you keep up with her, Sean? Sneaky...

And thus began the day - leapfrogging the runner to offer motivation and water or Gatorade, and of course take pictures. Here's Peter with the camera and Chris giving Sean some motivation. Not sure how well that worked...

A common view of the day out the window of the van:

Sean rocked leg one right to Zephyr cove, where he tagged Chris:

And Chris blazed the big hill up to Spooner Summit. He counted the number of runners he passed, which we were calling "bogies" like last year. Here's him setting his sights on one:

He ended up passing 49. Wow.

Here he is on the last push to the exchange zone:

And tagging Rocky to start Leg 3:

Another guy I didn't notice but caught on film. The height of running fashion. It was NOT that warm out there...

Rocky had the mostly downhill section from Spooner almost to Incline. He had a couple cramps, but gutted it out.

I didn't get a picture of the next exchange, but Rocky tagged his dad and Peter was on for Leg 5, through Incline almost to Tahoe City. Here he is chugging up an early hill:

And having a water break:

There's a little gap in my pictures now; Peter tagged me and I did the leg from Tahoe City to Homewood. It started sprinkling a little while I was out, but it was actually pretty refreshing. It had stopped by the time I hit the exchange with Peter right in front of Homewood; he got to run the big hill up to Emerald Bay. I somehow managed not to get any pictures of that leg either, but I crawled up to a great vantage point above the next exchange. Sean and Rocky followed me part way:

And from there we could see Chris giving Hayes some advice for the last leg. Or maybe they were talking about farts, I'm not sure.

Ah, here comes Peter, looking strong coming up the hill:

And tagging Hayes:

Hayes got rained on for most of leg 6. This pretty much says it all, isn't Emerald Bay pretty this time of year?

Despite the rain, he had a great leg and passed a bunch of people. We met him a mile from the end, told him how far he had, and he turned it on again. Here's the finish:

And the "after" shot with t-shirts and medals:

We finished in under 11 hours, which was our goal. After that we grabbed some dinner and headed back home. 9:30 or so before we got all sorted out back in Reno. Long, long day, but it sure is a fun event!


SnowLeopard said...

Oh MAN I missed out! I promise not to plan a big fundraiser on this race day next year (not that I did this year either!), and I'll do my best not to throw my back out either. :) You guys sure looked like you were having a great time, and look good too~

slowrunner77 said...

that's right...I brought my methane "A" game on Saturday, didn't I? Cleared the area more than once!
Amber's jealous...

SnowLeopard said...

Shore am! ;)

Peter Lubbers said...

Great (and very amusing) recap, Turi.
Can't wait for next year's sub-10 effort!

peter said...

Nice job Turi. Looks like you had a wonderful time, and everyone had a great race. That relay is infectious alright.